This page is an archive for all Star Wars toys that were sold in germany. Especially for those items that have some direct german relationship, like MOC’s with german text or toys with a german logo like “Die Kraft der Macht” logos. Everyone who likes to join this archive with pics of german toys is more than welcome. First come, first serve ;o) Just contact me through please.

Within the SW, ESB & ROTJ lines unfortunately no logo in german language does exist for the customer toys. But there do exist some store displays and other items with these logos. A well known one is the shelfbox for the 12backs with “Krieg der Sterne” logo. The german ESB line figures have no Kenner logo to the front and the back of the card is in german language.
In 1985 Parker Brothers produced the german POTF line. Parker Brothers was also a General Mills toy division. Different to the POTF us line within the german counterpart no new figure characters were sold. They just mad some new covers to sell the “old” figures as sets of three or also combined two figures with a mini-rig vehicle. These Sets do have the Parker Logo to the front and are german exclusive. They are called "Kraft der Macht" (KDM) Sets.